Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The TV Interview

My tv interview went very well. I was awfully nervous, but that faded away once I sat down and did the thing. Afterward the crew and producers were very nice and said I did a great job.

The crazy thing is that the person who was interviewing me had never heard of AVID before. She was on our school board for a few years, but had stepped down just as AVID was kicking up this year. I believe the night that we had kids present to the school board was the first night after she stepped down.

So considering that the interviewer was learning about AVID for the first time, it was great. After I got back to the car, the first thing I did was look back over my notes and my script. I was so worried that I might have forgotten to say something. But, I believe I mentioned everything.

We'll see. It will air during the month of August. I'll record it and post it here when it does. (as long as I don't look too stupid)

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