Saturday, January 22, 2011

Agenda: Week of 1/24 - 1/28, 2011

Quote of the Week:  "Great people talk about ideas. Small people talk about other people." - Tobias S. Gibson

1.  Goal of the Week.  Students will write at least two sentences about their goal of the week, it must be meaningful, attainable, and measurable.
2.  Inspiration: Students will write at the bottom of their weekly goal a reaction to the story of the Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice.

Students will read the document above and follow the directions, writing notes, underlining important points, circling things they do not understand, writing a question at the top and a summary at the bottom.


Tutoring for first half
Seniors: Song lyric project, current events discussion
Juniors: Song lyric project, ePrep SAT/ACT prep


Seniors: Party to celebrate college acceptance.  Still need to celebrate: Kaylin (SFA) and Vanessa (Texas State)
Juniors: Song lyric project, ePrep SAT/ACT prep

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