Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Freshmen Spring 2009 Video

It was a great spring. I'm looking forward to recharging my batteries this spring and coming back ready to go in the fall. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, dedication and commitment to improving. It is all going to pay off!

I'll miss you guys that are going to Summer Creek High. And I will miss the bunch of you deciding not to take AVID next year. Although that saddens me very much, I also know that all the things that come to us we have to take in a positive way.

The video is password protected. If you would like to see it, please shoot me an email and I'll send you the password.

AVID Freshmen 2009 - Spring from Mr. Duez on Vimeo.

Spring video for my AVID Freshmen class in 2009. What a great spring.

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