Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Agenda: Wed/Thu November 4 & 5, 2009

Quote of the Day:

First 45 minutes - Tutoring (Any reassessments of binders/cornell notes - See Mr. Duez)
Second 45 minutes -  In Class Timed Writing Essay for Test Grade

Sophomores will write about a Road Trip Nation interview, lesson, or the RTN field trip this week.
Juniors will be writing the MLK "Friendly Letter."

Each essay will need to include:
1)  Paragraph Form
2)  Thesis underlined
3)  At least 3 paragraphs
4)  Name, Date, Period

The Road Trip Nation essay will give specific examples of what you learned and how you related to the interview, lesson or field trip.

The MLK "Friendly Letter" needs to answer the prompt:

Prompt: Your chosen leader - Martin Luther King, Jr. - had major concerns about problems, issues, or events that occurred during the period in which he lived. After studying one of these and the leader’s life, prepare a friendly letter, written as if it were from the leader to a specific audience, in which he or she discusses the problem related to an issue or event and some of the possible causes and suggests a solution. Both the problem and the solution must be consistent with the leader’s views, actions, and goals—and the historical period.

You may use the two packets given to you in class as a resource.  They contain "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and also the "I Have a Dream Speech."

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