Monday, May 3, 2010

Agenda - Week of May 3rd through May 7, 2010

Quote of the Week:  "Great people talk about ideas. Small people talk about other people."
 Tobias S. Gibson

Monday - 
1) Goal of the Week in Road Trip Nation groups.  Answer 3 questions - 1) Favorite part of the experience.  2) Things they learned 3) What they would do differently.  The video is what Mr. Duez will add to the class RTN videos that he'll put together this summer.
2) Pick up Embedded Speech applications, Summer School Applications, and also pass out Field Trip permission forms to sophomores for Friday.
3) Pass out "The Gatekeepers" - "The Tortilla Test" -- The first chapter of the book by Jacques Steinberg about the process inside the admissions office at a premiere college.  We will be using it this week to mark the text and also reflect on a prompt.
4) While students are reading "The Gatekeepers", Mr. Duez will conduct exit interviews from Road Trip Nation in their groups.

Tuesday - 

Wednesday/Thursday - 
TUTORING first 1/2 of the period
Then we'll get "Analyzing a Writing Prompt" - it's an AVID Critical Reading packet that will help students analyze different writing prompts that they may see in college.

Friday - 
Sophomores are at Stephen F. Austin University for their field trip.
Juniors will continue to read and mark the text on "The Gatekeepers."  They will write a reflection about the chapter and discuss in class.
The substitute will also show the 2nd half of the Road Trip Nation documentary.

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