Sunday, September 12, 2010

Agenda: Week of 9/13/2010 to 9/17/2010

Quote of the Day:  "Texans 34 - Colts 24"

Monday - 
1.  ePrep student information & AVID Student Information form (for those students too confused, lazy, or unfocused to have already completed the online form).
2.  Socratic Seminar on "Study Habits" NYTimes article.
3.  Mr. Duez will walk around and do a quick binder check for all.

Tuesday - 

Wed/Thu - 
TUTORING first 1/2 of the period

Friday -
We will work on the college handouts that the students had while there was a sub last week.  We will work on identifying a list of 5 colleges to apply to and understanding the deadline.
We will also do a "Survival" team building exercise.

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