Sunday, June 22, 2008

6 Tis For Getting Great Recommendation Letters

6 Tips on Great Recommendation Letters. Here are the tips (read the link to find the details):
1. Get Organized
2. Decide Which Teachers Should Write Your LOR
3. Establish a Relationship with Your Teachers
4. Consider the Timing of Your Request for an LOR
5. Pop the Question
6. Provide Your Teacher With Adequate Information
As a teacher I can say the #1 complaint I have is when students do not do a good job with #6. I want a brag sheet or at least a sheet of paper (or email) with information on it about yourself. Sure I know you, but do I know everything you are involved with at school, home, church, athletics, etc.

I have been really proud of some of the letters I have written to explain how great the kids are in my classes. It is going to be awesome to finally get to write recommendation letters for my AVID students.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my post, Mr. Duez!

I wish your students all the best as they prepare for college. You might also let them know about the Facebook group, "Great College Advice." They can post their questions and get individual answers in the forum.