Saturday, June 28, 2008

AVID Student of the Year

I came across an article about an AVID "Student of the Year." I think it is a great idea to recognize a student each year with this kind of honor.
Angulo recognized by AVID program at GHS
Friday, May 30, 2008

GUSTINE – Gustine High student Yesenia Angulo was honored as her school’s AVID “Student of the Year” at a luncheon held in Clovis on May 16. She was among 64 central valley students selected within the six-county region who exemplified the spirit of AVID through their academic work and character.

All of the students selected have exceptional stories and accomplishments, but Angulo has excelled above and beyond, exemplifying how one’s determination to succeed and the support of family and educators can produce outstanding results.
Her story is very inspirational.
Angulo began in the Gustine school district in the ninth grade after moving with her family from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico. She did not speak or understand English but did, however, have exceptional math skills and was a quick learner, picking up the new language through her ESL classes and practicing at home with her younger siblings.

She said it was difficult and a bit intimidating to not know English when she and her family first moved to the Gustine area. She wanted to meet people and make friends but was embarrassed to speak, afraid she’d make mistakes or sound funny. “After a while I could understand what people were saying but I was afraid to talk,” she shared.

She knew that in order for her to succeed in life she would need to push herself beyond her comfort levels, and by Angulao’s sophomore year her progression had caught the eye of her teachers.

GHS teacher Diana Andrade introduced Angulo to AVID, a college prep class and curriculum designed to support students with academic potential and a desire to attend a four year college or university. “Yesenia had to wait one year while she gained the language skills needed to qualify, which she did,” Andrade explained. “She is an exemplary student!”
Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for her not to know English. I don't know how I would have done... probably cried a lot. But, this young lady found a way through AVID.
“AVID has helped me keep good grades, be more organized and responsible,” Angulo stated. It has helped prepare her for college by teaching about the application process, preparing for the entrance exams, and teaching college skills like taking Cornell notes.

Despite her initial language barrier, Angulo has established herself as an outstanding student academically. She has worked her way up the academic ladder to the point where she is currently ranked third in the junior class,” Petrone wrote for the luncheon program. “I have no doubt she will be extremely successful in the future.”

“I am really thankful for having this program and also having the excellent teacher I have. Besides my parents, Mr. Petrone has been one of the few persons who has taken the time and care about my education and my future,” Angulo emphasized. She looks forward to next year as she narrows down her college choices and begins the application process.
I look forward to next year as well. Our sophomores will be looking more closely at college. AVID II here we come.

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