Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Information on Lonestar Kingwood College Classes @ AHS this spring

[COMPASS and ACCUPLACER are the two computerized college placement tests offered at LSC-Kingwood. Both tests cost $29.00 for the full battery and $10.00 per section.]

HOUSTON (Dec. 14, 2009) – High school students and community members interested in taking evening college credit courses in the spring at Atascocita High School will have an opportunity to register in early 2010.
Lone Star College-Kingwood, which began offering dual credit classes in 2006 and evening college credit courses in spring 2008 at Atascocita High School, will station its Mobile Go Van and its advisors at the school to help students and adults register for courses available in spring 2010. The van will be on campus Jan. 4 -7 from 3 to 7 p.m. All spring classes begin on Jan. 19th.
“We began offering courses at Atascocita High School because it is always a good idea to bring education closer to where people are. We will build a center that is going to open in September 2011, so this is just a start to a long commitment to the Atascocita area,” Professor Honora Diaz, chairman of Behavioral Sciences at LSC-Kingwood, said. “Our goal in offering courses at the high school is to continue our ability to make education accessible to the community because we are a community college. We are financially accessible and physically, we are accessible.”
To register for classes at the Mobile Go Van, new students must take a placement test at LSC-Kingwood to decide if they are college ready and which classes are appropriate for them. In addition to taking or having test results on file, people must also bring documents, for example a utility bill, that state whether they live in or out of the Lone Star College system. Diaz said that it is good idea for people to bring paper copies of their records such as their transcripts and diplomas.
Courses available for the spring semester at Atascocita High School are Composition and Rhetoric I, American Government II, General Psychology, U.S. History Since 1877, College Algebra and Public Speaking. In addition to those courses, the college will offer two new classes: Introduction to Criminal Justice and Introduction to the Teaching Profession.

Criminal Justice, taught by Lt. Albert Johnson with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, will give students an introductory glance into what the broad topic is all about. According to Johnson, they will learn about the causes of crime, social aspects in regards to which environments cause it, what careers they can explore, and much more.

“I want to show them what law enforcement/Criminal Justice is all about. A lot of people believe that what they see on television is what really goes on but, that is not true. That is only a small portion of what goes on. The other part deals with things such as budgeting, communication, writing grants and other things students will also learn about,” Johnson said.

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