Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Teacher of the Year Voting

Voting for Teacher of the Year at AHS takes place Wednesday and Thursday in Advisory. But, you can vote now if you'd like. The ballot is on the front page of the school website. Or at this link:

This is an award that I was very fortunate to win in 2006-2007, our first year at AHS.  It was a true honor to represent our school and to be chosen by students, faculty and staff.  We have so many fantastic teachers at our school and we are very lucky to have them.  The list of 13 nominees is an amazing group.  They come from each of the four subject areas and electives.  I am very proud of the social studies nominees:  Mr. Scalia (who won last year), Mrs. Diaz, Mr. Bingham, Mrs. Dunn, Mr. Fortenberry and (of course) Mrs. Duez.  It is amazing to see 6 of the final 13 teachers from our social studies team.  Just amazing to consider.  We are a lucky and very talented group.

Please do vote and spend a moment this week telling your favorite teacher how much they mean to you and how much they have helped you.  It means a lot and can really be a nice boost to someone's day.  Right around spring break everyone is exhausted, but it means a lot when a teacher is given a few words of encouragement from one of their students.
Here is a power point of the great nominees:

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