Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top of the Class Socratic Seminar

Today we will be doing a socratic seminar that revolves around valedictorian speeches of 2009 New York City students.  There are 7 of them so we will have 7 small groups.  Each group will read the main article from the New York Times.  Then each group will be assigned a different valedictorian speech.

Your job as a group is to discuss the article and speech and to find at least two very important things that you learned.  You will bring that back to the class at the end of the period and we'll discuss as a whole group.

TOP SCHOLARS From left, Jenae Williams, Jordano Sanchez, Adam Sealfon, Kristina Arakelyan, Christian Monsalve, Adrienne Edwards and Muhammad Safa on Grand Avenue in Brooklyn.

The main article:  "In Uncertain Times, Valedictorians Look Ahead."  by By LIZETTE ALVAREZ
Published: June 26, 2009

Speech 2: 

Speech 3:

Speech 4:

Speech 5:

Speech 6:

Speech 7:

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