Monday, March 22, 2010

Agenda for the Week of March 22nd - March 26, 2010

Quote of the Day:  "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity."  - Seneca

* Work with primary sources (NY Times article), discuss in Socratic Seminar and deliver concise address to class to summarize speech.

Agenda -
1.  Goal of the Week.  Also meet with RTN group to discuss interview progress.  They are due at the end of this six week's period. 
2.  View the TED Talk inspirational address:
John Wooden - On True Success

3.  Get handouts for the week.  Read the main article from the NYTimes about valedictorians 2009.
We are preparing for a Socratic Seminar on Friday.  This article is the beginning of that and it it will lead into a number of valedictorian speeches that we'll share and read in groups on Friday.


Wednesday - Mr. Duez will be out with Juniors on their field trip to the University of Houston.
Pass out the valedictorian speeches and have students read them and annotate them.  We will discuss them in groups on Friday.
Main Article that everyone will read:  "In Uncertain Times Valedictorians Look Ahead."
Speech 1: Muhammad Safa
Speech 2: Adam Sealfon
Speech 3: Adrienne Edwards
Speech 4: Christian Monsalve
Speech 5: Janae Williams
Speech 6: Jordano Sanchez
Speech 7: Kristina Arakelyan

Also, if time permits, show the DVD AVID Summer Institute Speeches.

Socratic Seminar using the speeches from the NY Times article.

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