Friday, October 16, 2009

Agenda: Friday, October 16th

Quote of the Day: "One of the most time consuming things is having an enemy." -- E.B. White

1) Road Trip Nation Video Interview - "Joe Quesada" The Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. Check out Joe's story here:
Joe Quesada Road Trip Nation Interview
Themes: Chance & Luck, Finding Your Road, Desire, Determination, Planning

Meet Joe Quesada, “the luckiest son of a (gun) in the history of comic books.” While working at the toy store FAO Schwarz, Quesada, having recently graduated from art school, was doodling on a napkin. A stock-boy came in, saw his scribbles, and suggested he write for comics. Quesada brushed off the idea with, “Ah, silly stock-boy, comics are for kids.” However, the stock-boy insisted, and the next day he brought Frank Miller’s first issue of “Dark Knight” for Quesada.

We discussed in groups - 1) What surprised us about Joe's story? and 2) What did you relate to your life about his journey?

2) We also gave out the Eagle and Pigeon awards in class today.

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